Film Properties

EIS Slate

Having worked closely with the HMRC film unit, Shooting Movies has gained pre-approval for a uniquely packaged 3 film slate that offers investors all the attractions of tax efficient EIS investment but without the associated risks inherent in film or the creative industries.

Film 1 - 69th Support Company
'Thelma & Louise' meets 'The Expendables'

A secret Red Army unit abandoned and sold to the East German mafia at the end of the cold war and the collapse of the old Soviet order. A dramatic redemption movie mixing sassy sex appeal with female empowerment against the odds. 

Film 2 - Redstar American
‘Saving Private Ryan’ meets ‘The Little Big Man’

The story of the only American to have fought on the Eastern Front. Forcibly conscripted into the Red Army, Henry Jackson's is a truly remarkable tale of war and survival, love and loss, despair and redemption.

SEIS / EIS Slate starter (film 3) 

Polish Weekender

'Inbetweeners' meets 'Downfall'

Black comedy recounting a fictional trip by Adolf Hitler in the summer of 1938. Surprise cult-parodied Downfall meets the The Inbetweeners in a farcical historical impeachment.